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Industry can’t avoid the Maintenance activities completely due to it's inability of getting the hundred percent reliable assets and running them fault-free. Failures are bound to happen. Industry’s task is how to Reduce the Failures, Optimize Maintenance Strategy and the associated costs. All these affect the productivity and in turn, business performance.

CRD is committed to help you in implementing the best possible maintenance philosophy for all categories of equipment.



AUDITING first the current tasks (types, asset coverage, tools and techniques, process, procedure, planning, skills, cost-effectiveness study)

SUGGESTING asset-wise/ plant-wise methodology, globally accepted.

INTRODUCING advance maintenance techniques (to reduce the consequences of failures) and the latest reliability tools (to restrict the causes of failures)

SUPPORTING in developing ADVANCED MAINTENANCE PRACTICES in the plant including imparting related training and skills development of employees. “PEOPLE FIRST” is our mantra for getting desired maintenance excellence!


Association of CRD with a galaxy of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) would assure your employees to adopt Best Practices and to inculcate a sense of cost-effectiveness in maintaining the critical assets and also to take a calculated risk when deferring a specific maintenance activity due to operational exigencies.

'Opt for RELIABLE services than buy CHEAP services' - which ensures reduced LIFECYCLE cost of the machines through systematic predictive and proactive programs.

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