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Center for Reliability and Diagnostics

M/S Center of Reliability and Diagnostics (CRD) is a registered startup founded by Dr. Tarapada Pyne, based in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, dedicated to bridge the knowledge gaps between industry and academic by providing the specialized knowledge & services, arising out of the inter-disciplinary assimilation of mechanical, electrical, chemical, structural, instruments and control, and information technology in management of modern assets. We are supported by a team of experts, drawn from various sectors of industry and top institutes/ universities of the country who believe in unleashing the technology and people’s potential in solving the critical industrial abnormalities that are the direct results of avoidable mismatch of required knowledge with maintenance-demands of the equipment during the life cycle. With the rapid progress of technovation, the complex assets of present time require multi-disciplinary care with an inter-disciplinary integrated approach. Our system-oriented approach is directed to empower the people with the right knowledge on equipment, reliability and maintenance concept and tools, advanced condition monitoring and diagnostics technologies keeping pace with the fast and accurate communication in Industry 4.0, and decision making ability of artificial intelligence, internet of things and machine learning in management of assets


Dr. Tarapada Pyne

Chief Knowledge Officer & Director

Phd(Reliability Management), M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), Chartered Engineer

We believe in the power of the people whether in campus or in corporate and so, ‘PEOPLE first’ mantra is in our strive for excellence in asset’s Reliability, Maintenance and Diagnostics. By empowering the people with the right knowledge help in harnessing the organization’s human capital. The people with the right knowledge and skills then effectively deliver their best in management of critical assets using appropriate advanced techniques. Once the assets are taken care of, the productivity increases. We emphasize in the amalgamation of people (knowledge), assets, systems and processes, diagnostic tools and technologies in reaping the business benefits. Our core principle of solution to industrial problems is ‘Manage Knowledge to Manage Assets to Manage Business’.


In realization of this goal, we are in continual process of collaboration with well-known organizations/ enterprises/ start-ups that are interested and focused in the fields of equipment reliability and maintenance management, both from academic institutes and industry, national and international.


CRD is dedicated to reach every sector of knowledge economy, mainly power, oil and gas, petrochemical, steel, mining, paper industries where the entire value-adding chain consists of capital-intensive critical machinery. We start to inculcate such thoughts equally among student-engineers and student-managers in institutes and universities, giving them unparalleled thrust in enriching their mind towards application-orientation along with their structured theoretical campus-inputs.


We vow to be part of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ movement contributing our best for the industry, academic & society, and are fully geared up in breaking the technology & knowledge barriers, thus facilitating the transfer of knowledge from the sources to the sites of delivery resolving teething as well as random life problems.

People First
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