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CRD’s energy management services and solutions are targeted towards PREVENTION of creators of loss in energy at the manufacturing stage of energy-intensive equipment UNLIKE conventional energy management solution- providers of present day. Associate with us and harness our strategic endeavors in accomplishing such savings.


Our Reliability and Maintenance management thought-processes and services would help in reducing a major portion of your energy cost out of total operating cost /LCC. CRD advocates all reliability and maintenance practices in the plant are taken up as energy-efficient drives and encourages asset-owners to adopt these approaches guided by CRD team. CRD has backup of Govt of India Certified Auditors dedicated in management and audits & a pool of Reliability and Maintenance Experts to look after the energy-intensive capital assets. The diagnostics team assists in energy monitoring as well as health assessment of equipment. Together, we deliver what we call as - 

eMARKS (energy-Maintenance and Reliability Knowledge-Supported)

CRD helps you in intervening the outdated maintenance practices, actually high energy consumers, by assisting in implementation of latest energy technology and monitoring techniques together. Equally, we can support you while procuring new assets looking into the needs of energy savings, environment and carbon footprints.


We address core issues of energy savings, Think of (Three) 3Es

  • Manage the EFFICEINCY
  • Manage the EQUIPMENT
  • Manage the ENERGY BILL
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